What Makes a BLUEdot Offset

All BLUEdot Offsets represent third-party verified and certified carbon credits.  Third-party certification means the carbon credits are not only real and verifiable, but that they make measurable contributions to sustainable development worldwide. 

For an offset to qualify as a BLUEdot offset, it must meet essential criteria:

  • Third-party proof of additionality (verifiable proof that the reduction in emissions would not have occurred without the carbon credit financing)
  • The reduction in greenhouse gas is permanent
  • The reduction does not cause an increase in emissions elsewhere
  • Carbon offset projects must make a net positive contribution to the economic, environmental, and social welfare of the community in which it is developed.
  • The carbon credit will be accounted, held indefinitely, and retired from the carbon market by or on behalf of Pale Blue Dot LLC (meaning it will not be able to be re-sold or double counted)

When you purchase

When you purchase a BLUEdot Offset, you will receive a BLUEdot Certificate providing you with the specific project and carbon credit details your offset helped to fund.  You will be provided with the details of the third-party validator with which that credit is registered.  BLUEdot Register then retires carbon credits equal to the amount of greenhouse gas reductions you wish to make happen.  The retired carbon credits are held indefinitely within third party validation market accounts owned and maintained by Pale Blue Dot LLC.  BLUEdot Offsets are cannot be resold, are not investment commodities, and are not intended for organizations looking to purchase carbon credits to meet regulatory requirements.

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