brm is an eco conscious label based in North East England. We are inspired by vintage cuts and details and quirky street style - we take these influences and turn them into modern, practical women's wear pieces in sustainable fabrics

Sustainability and Ethics

At brm. we aim to care for the environment and be as sustainable a company as possible.

  • We source eco friendly, fair-trade and sustainable fabrics - hopefully from as close to home as possible to reduce our carbon footprint! These might be fair-trade certified cottons, fabrics made with recycled polyester, or undyed/naturally processed wools and cottons. Not all of our fabrics are 100% eco-friendly (that can currently be quite hard to source, though we will work to be more eco-friendly every season!) but we do label clearly so you can make an informed decision.
  • In the studio, we recycle as much as possible. All our paper and card waste is recycled, as are our unusable fabric scraps. Bigger scraps are used for toiling or made into one off pieces (you will be able to find these in our etsy store).
  • Our pieces are all, currently, on a per order basis. We hope this will lead to more considered buying and less clothing ending in landfill, which is a huge ecological problem worldwide.
  • Our factory is a small Lottery-funded project based in Lynemouth, Northumberland. It's not too far from the brm studio, and it's aim is to help the local ex-mining community, which has struggled since the closure of the coal mines in the 1980s, both with incoming funds and with jobs.
  • We aim to provide seasonless clothing - out collections are numbered rather than arranged by season.


Becoming BLUEdot Certified means a lot to to brm, not just as a company but also to our founder and creative director, Jennifer Broom as an individual.  She believes in green issues and in protecting our environment. BLUEdot Certification pushes the company's commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness further than we could ever hope to reach on our own.  We look to inspire other companies and consumers through the BLUEdot process as well as brm’s commitment to the future of our planet

Click  to view the  brm  Carbon Footprint Assessment

Click to view the brm Carbon Footprint Assessment

brm's Climate Work

Our work with BLUEdot Register has been able to eliminate our entire carbon footprint.  Every brm clothing item bought is responsible for a carbon offset equal to the entire supply chain emissions - right down to the harvesting of the natural fibers from which each brm garment comes from.  You can learn more about what we've achieved by being Carbon Neutral, by clicking on the infographics and video below.

Learn about the greenhouse gas reduction project brm's customers are helping to make happen :

Learn more about the carbon footprint of fabrics

Learn more about the carbon footprint of fabrics

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Click to learn