CalCULATE Your Car’s Carbon Footprint

Use our Car Carbon Footprint Calculator to understand the carbon footprint embodied in your car.

An embodied carbon footprint is the energy it took to mine, manufacture, assemble, and deliver your vehicle to you.  Our calculator is free to use and you can visit it as often as you want!

Look to the equivalencies calculated at the totals to see how large your impact is – and just how much you can do to fight global warming if you offset your impact!

Please: sure to enter your contact information - especially your email address - and double check your contact info prior to buying offsets.  If you "click" Buy BLUEdot and nothing happens...please double check your contact info!

Note: BLUEdot Membership subscriptions are no longer included in the purchase of Carbon Offsets.

BlueDot Report

Choosing to offset the energy spent to manufacture your car (embodied footprint) makes your purchase ‘carbon neutral’.  In other words, you are balancing the carbon that went into creating your vehicle with the clean energy created by your BLUEdot offset.