Energy Assessments

BLUEdot provides facility and campus assessments for local governments and agencies.  The assessment process includes:


  1. Systems and Utility data collection.

  2. Review and analyze data comparing against regional and national facility performance database.

  3. Calculate existing facility carbon footprint

  4. Conduct an on-site facility review of systems, operational procedures, and facility use efficiency.

  5. Review building envelope energy efficiency performance.

  6. Conduct a preliminary thermographic assessment of building envelope.

  7. Identify actions to increase efficiencies which may include operational, equipment, control, or occupancy changes.

  8. Compile a report of findings, recommendations, projected reductions of energy use, cost and carbon footprint.

Facility assessments can include physical plant condition assessments as well as space efficiency programming and assessment.  All assessments are led by Ted Redmond,  registered architect, and engineer staff.

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