Who are BLUEdot Carbon Neutral Partners?
BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral Partners are organizations who have achieved BLUEdot Carbon Neutral Certification. 

Why do organizations become BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral?
Many organizations see reducing and repairing our unintended carbon footprint impacts as an ethical priority.  This increasing interest is driven by a sincere desire to do better, an awareness of corporate responsibility, and increasing consumer interest.   Becoming BLUEdot Certified not only helps an organization repair its carbon footprint impacts, the process of becoming BLUEdot Certified provides an opportunity for an organization to find ways of improving its environmental footprint.  All BLUEdot Certified Partners receive access to on-demand carbon footprinting and carbon management assistance - enabling Certified Partners to validate the carbon footprint impacts of business and supply chain options before they engage them.  Finally, engagement in the program is an environmentally beneficial way to provide carbon neutral products and services to customers, and is a strong advocacy of the environmental focus, good will, and achievement of any business.

What does BLUEdot Certification signify?
BLUEdot Certification signifies that a business or product has achieved full elimination of carbon emissions through carbon reduction strategies, energy efficiency improvements, and carbon offsetting.

What value does BLUEdot Certification provide to the public?
Public Awareness: Each BLUEdot Certified Partner is, through the very act of becoming certified, increasing public awareness of our collective carbon footprint, what contributes to a carbon footprint, and how choices can reduce that impact.
Education: The Carbon Footprint Assessment document as well as other communication tools used by our Certified Partners serve as a resource to help educate the public and their customers on the sources, scale, and impacts of the carbon footprint common in each of their industries.
Validation: BLUEdot Certification assures that a business or product's full carbon footprint has been calculated and that sources, calculations, and impacts have been validated.
Transparent Documentation: The BLUEdot Carbon Neutral Summary report, certification documentation, carbon offset project documentation, and Certified Partner profiles are all publicly accessible through BLUEdot Register's website.  This ensures access to transparent access for the public, consumers, and staff of all of our Certified Partners. 

What can be BLUEdot Certified?
BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral can be applied to any business, organization, or product.

What methodology is used for calculating Carbon Footprints for BLUEdot Certification?

BLUEdot Register’s carbon footprinting methodology is based on the GHG Protocol standard (www.ghgprotocol.org).  Click here for our full methodology statement.

Can I use a previous Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) or Carbon Footprint study for my BLUEdot Certification application?

BLUEdot Register accepts qualified LCA's and Carbon Footprint studies provided they include Cradle-to-Gate emissions at a minimum and are based on one of the following standards: GHG Protocol (ghgprotocol.org), ISO Product Environmental Declaration, ISO Product Lifecycle Assessment, or PAS2060.  Other standards may be considered if full standard and data collection documentation proves reporting standard to meet or exceed BLUEdot referenced standards

Can BLUEdot Register provide assistance in creating a Lifecycle Assessment or Carbon Footprint study?

Yes.  Carbon Footprint Assessments are a basic service provided by BLUEdot Certification.  We provide initial application carbon footprint assessments as well as on-going annual carbon footprint re-evaluations based on business practice or product supply chain changes.