It is all too easy to live our lives rushing from one thing to the next and to stop seeing the world around you with truly open eyes. At ForageArts, we remind ourselves regularly to step outside of the whirlwind of modern life and to step into the woods. Every time we surround ourselves with growing things, we are reminded of exactly how precious this little planet is. We can barely contain our sense of wonder and amazement over the beauty that is all around us every day.

The work you find in this shop is about looking at that which surrounds us with new eyes. An invitation to see the extraordinary in the ordinary which we take for granted every day. Here you will find unique hand made products using natural materials, upcycled items, or photography. All, however, are the fruits of our foraging.

We live on a typical 1960 suburban plot of land. 6/10ths of an acre with a ranch house plopped almost directly center. Our land has a handful of Eastern Black Walnut and Silver Maple trees all roughly 60 years old. Since 2010 we began planting other trees and now Cherries, Apples, Pears, Peaches, Plumbs, Crab apples, Aspens, Black Spruce and Austrian pines round out our property. At any time, our shop is likely to contain pieces made from the gifts we've received from one of more of these woody inhabitants of our tiny suburban orchard.

Sustainability and Ethics

ForageArts believes we all have an impact on the planet and we all have a responsibility to address that impact.  When every business and individual simply looks after their own impact on our shared world environmental issues will become a thing of the past!

Our work sources foraged materials for every item we sell.  Whether foraged from the forest, our yard, or the second hand shop, every gift or jewelry piece you will find on our shop comes with a minimum environmental impact 'out of the box'.


Becoming BLUEdot Certified is a logical extension of our philosophy at ForageArts.  In this age of inter-related economy and energy use, no business has truly achieved sustainability unless they address their carbon footprint.  Though most of our raw materials are naturally carbon neutral (or even a carbon sink like our walnut shell jewelry) our accessory materials like resins, paint, and metal fittings all come with a carbon footprint which we have little control over.  Transportation of our finished items to our customers also creates a carbon footprint outside of our influence.  Through the BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral program, we can address those impacts and take back control of the impact our products have on this world.


ForageArt's Climate Work

Our work with BLUEdot Register has been able to eliminate our entire carbon footprint.  Every ForageArt item bought is responsible for a carbon offset equal to the entire supply chain emissions - from harvest through production, to delivery to our customers at home. We are proud to be the first BLUEdot Certified Etsy shop. You can learn more about what we've achieved by being Carbon Neutral, by clicking on the infographics and video below.

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