How Carbon Offsetting Works

Simply put, carbon offsets make up for those parts of our carbon footprint we can’t reduce or eliminate on our own.  Most of the things we benefit from already come with a carbon footprint, and that’s where carbon offsets come in.   Offsets work as a kind of trade - carbon in for carbon out.  With carbon offsets, you are supporting the development of projects that create clean energy and decrease future greenhouse gas emissions.

In other words, carbon offset projects are meant to reduce greenhouse gases in order to balance emissions made elsewhere; thereby offsetting the impact of the emissions already made.  The result, if accounted for properly, is a “carbon neutral” exchange.  Because our planet has only one global atmosphere, a greenhouse gas emission or reduction made in one location effects the entire earth carbon cycle.

We really want a world where, in a generation, we don’t need offsets anymore
— Jonathan Isham, Director of Environmental Studies at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Carbon offsets are exchanged in two markets – the compliance market which serves governmental regulated offset requirements, and the voluntary market which serves environmentally minded businesses and individuals wishing to make a positive impact.  Carbon offsets are quantified and sold in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.  Buying one ton of offset means there will be one less ton of CO2 in the atmosphere than there otherwise would have been.

When you purchase a BLUEdot Offset, you will receive a BLUEdot Certificate providing you with the specific project and carbon credit details your offset helped to fund.  You will be provided with the details of the third-party validator with which that credit is registered.  BLUEdot Register then retires carbon credits equal to the amount of greenhouse gas reductions you wish to make happen.  The retired carbon credits are held indefinitely within third party validation market accounts owned and maintained by Pale Blue Dot LLC.  BLUEdot Offsets are cannot be resold, are not investment commodities, and are not intended for organizations looking to purchase carbon credits to meet regulatory requirements.

Benefits of Carbon Offsets

  • Real and verifiable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions TODAY
  • Increased awareness of the sources and impacts of greenhouse gases leading to changed behavior and on-going reduction in our footprint
  • Increased investment in renewable and clean energy, shifting the balance away from fossil fuels