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The wood biomass fired steam plant in Wiggins is a biomass thermal energy project fueled with locally available forestry and agricultural cellulosic residues (i.e. logging residues, primary mill residues, and crop residues). These residues are frequently a waste stream from a number of forestry and agricultural facilities, by capturing these waste streams as feedstock for a biomass facility, the waste generates energy and mitigates the emissions associated not only with the previous waste stream but also the the fossil fuels it replaces. The thermal energy (steam) from the biomass system displaces thermal energy generated by the legacy fossil fuel-fired boiler system. Steam generated in the biomass system displaces the project customer’s need to combust natural gas to generate steam, thereby decreasing the project customer’s combustion of fossil fuels.

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The project is funded, in part by carbon offsets as well as Gulf Opportunity Zone Revenue Bonds. The facility sells steam to Coastal Paper Company’s adjacent tissue mill. By replacing Coastal’s use of natural gas in its manufacturing processes, Intrinergy provides Coastal with a lower energy cost and decreased reliance on natural gas.

How Biomass Works

Courtesy National Alliance of Forest Owners

Courtesy National Alliance of Forest Owners


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Project Location:

Wiggins, Mississippi

Project Type: 

Biomass Fuel Switch

Verification Protocol: 

VCS Forest Biomass Project Protocol

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