Lipstick Killers Collection

Lipstick Killers Collection is a line designed for the fierce and fearless woman, a risk-taker, and hustler.  It’s a chic-punk line that let’s the world know that women are not afraid to show their true selves inside and out.  Lipstick Killers is about strength and courage.  Each piece is designed by Syreeta Bond and made in the USA with the finest imported fabrics.


The entire Lipstick Killers Collection clothes line is 100% Certified Carbon Neutral.  We are proud to be fearlessly leading the way in environmentally conscious fashion.  We've worked hard to create a fashion label of only high quality, ethically produced, and fully carbon neutral clothing.  What better way to celebrate the strength of women than to protect Mother Earth by restoring what impacts we have.

By choosing Lipstick Killers Collection you know you are getting a garment of the highest quality and bold design.  With our BLUEdot Certification, you are also assured that we have traced our entire supply chain, measuring the greenhouse gas emissions that have been unavoidable at each step, and have eliminated the full environmental impact we may have unintentionally had.  

We believe our BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral message helps raise awareness and further conversation about the power of women and all individuals to make an impact.


Lipstick Killers' Climate Work

Our work with BLUEdot Register has been able to eliminate our entire carbon footprint.  Every Lipstick Killer Collection clothing item bought is responsible for a carbon offset equal to the entire supply chain emissions - right down to the harvesting of the fibers each hand-made Lipstick Killer item is spun from.  You can learn more about what we've achieved by being Carbon Neutral, by clicking on the infographics and video below.

Click  to view the Lipstick Killers Collection Carbon Footprint Assessment

Click to view the Lipstick Killers Collection Carbon Footprint Assessment

Learn about the greenhouse gas reduction project Lipstick Killers Collection customers are helping to make happen :

Learn more about the carbon footprint of fabrics

Learn more about the carbon footprint of fabrics

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