City of Maplewood, Minnesota
Community Climate Action Toolkit

Our individual actions make a difference on our collective impact on soil, water, and air quality as well as addressing the challenge of climate change.  Use the resources and links below for actions you can take at home and work to improve your environmental footpring.

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Engage Congress

Take a moment and send a message to your US Representative and Senators to share your feelings about environmental and energy issues.  You can also review current US Congress Bill issues here.

Minnesota Climate Impacts

Minnesota is 3rd fastest warming state, averaging 0.62 ° F in warming per decade.

Maplewood Climate Reports

Maplewood Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Reduction Plan

The City of Maplewood's first Greenhouse Gas Inventory and the basis for establishing consensus on community emission reduction goals.

Maplewood Climate Change Vulnerabilities Review

This document is a review of the Climate Change risks facing the region and an identification of the risks most likely to impact the City of Maplewood

Calculating Your Impacts and Risks

Use the tools below to calculate your own Carbon Footprint or determine the flood risk of your home or business.

Calculate  Your Footprint

Calculate Your Footprint

Calculate  Your Car's Footprint

Calculate Your Car's Footprint

Determine  Your Flood Risk

Determine Your Flood Risk


Climate Change 101

For additional climate change information, click on the resources for the US National Climate Assessment and the IPCC Glossary of Terms:

Additional Climate information: US  National Climate Assessment

Additional Climate information:
US National Climate Assessment

IPCC Glossary  of Climate Change Terms

IPCC Glossary of Climate Change Terms

Climate Change 101 Video Gallery

Carbon Footprint Infographic Gallery

Click on any image below to view informational graphics on the carbon footprint of daily products and activities.

Renewable Energy Potential in Minnesota

The resources below outline the potential for renewable energy within Minnesota: production potential, job creation, and Minnesota's Clean Energy Action Plan: