Certified Carbon Neutral Products

BLUEdot partners have one thing in common: They care about our environment and are committed to working to reduce the collective impact we have.  Each Certified Carbon Neutral partner has met rigorous standards in order to achieve a product with a net-zero emission.   To become BLUEdot Certified, each partner has assessed the carbon footprint of their products throughout their entire life cycles.  The footprint assessment includes raw material sourcing, harvesting, manufacturing, product assembly, finishing, transportation, and business operations - including websites and electronic profiles.  Each BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral brand has made a commitment for on-going carbon emission reduction wherever possible, and has made their products entire supply-chain fully carbon-neutral by offsetting all unavoidable emissions.


BLUEdot Register is proud to be working with outstanding companies who are leading the way in ensuring the health of our environment.  Each brand's commitment to BLUEdot Carbon Neutral Certification is a message helping to raise awareness within the public, and helps further conversations about the power of individuals to make change personal.

Certified Brands

bonJOY is a subscription box for discovering fashion + beauty + living products from social good brands.  We curate from brands invested in survivors of trafficking and uplifting women worldwide.
- great goods, positive impact -
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brm. is a women’s clothing label based in Northeast England.  All clothes bearing a brm. label are designed and made in the UK.  Our clothes are inspired by vintage cuts and details and we work to use fair trade and/or eco friendly fabrics and trims whenever possible – all of these products are clearly labeled. 
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Finnegan's Footprint: I am a Stay-At-Home Mom inspired to start a company that I am very passionate about. This is an online store that specializes in organic, sustainable and recycled products. I have had several years and more than just my own children to try many products with and I only chose to carry products I have used and love.  We are just renting this planet from our children.  I am so excited to be at this place in my life and can't wait to share my favorite things with the world. Learn More

ForageArts: The work you find in this shop is about looking at that which surrounds us with new eyes. Here you will find unique hand made products using natural materials, upcycled items, or photography. All, however, are the fruits of our foraging!  Learn More

Kitts:  We make underwear of superior comfort, style and quality using only sustainable fabrics.  For every pair purchased, we donate a pair to those in need - an essential way for everyone to feel comfortable and secure.  It’s a small gesture of love and care that can bring great dignity.  Learn More

Lipstick Killers Collection: There's no fear in fashion, love, and life. Lipstick Killers Collection is more than clothing, we are a lifestyle brand.  Our philosophy is that there is no fear in fashion, love, and life. Each piece is unique and hand made in the USA of the finest fabrics.  Are you fearless enough for Lipstick Killers?  Learn More

Mud Jeans: We dream of a world without waste. That’s why we design jeans with recycling in mind. Our jeans are a cross-over between American Vintage, Dutch Design and Scandinavian Minimalism. Lease or buy the jeans. Take them wherever you go, just return them at the end of use. This is how we create our own circle of denim products. Reusing valuable materials, cutting down on resources.  Learn More

Quinoa Apparel: Creates beautiful and eco-friendly clothes for animal lovers all around the world.  We are committed to creating artistic and unique pieces that spread awareness while being stylish and respectful of the environment.  Learn More 

Road For Action: Shahir Masri is an air pollution scientist and Athina Simolaris is an educator. Together, they are calling on fellow scientists, educators, and others to speak out about the dangers of climate change.  This year they will pause their careers in order to take to the road to advocate for climate action, promote green energy, and identify effective strategies of climate communication.

Themis and Thread
Our Mission: Continue dedication to victimless fashion, wearable art, healthy environmental practices and equal human rights. Designer, Jesse Junko Beardslee, creates fashions from concept to completion in Hector, New York, exclusively with American made fabrics, notions and trims, and recycled findings. It has become increasingly difficult to find fashion items that are made in The United States, we support and create them! Themis and Thread is not single-serving, disposable styles.Think, more Soul Food, less Fast Food.  Learn More

Underables: We are passionate about you!  What you put next to your body should be natural, breathable, soft, and luxurious.  Learn More


VEENA is a true social enterprise and sustainable girlswear brand.  VEENA believes in a triple bottom line; people, planet, profit.  We offer organic, fair trade certified, carbon neutral girlswear and value sustainability, transparency and ethical production practices.  Learn More

Water Gallery:  Simple. Beautiful. Reusable.
At Water Gallery, we believe that sustainability can be artful and elegant.  That's why we've drawn inspiration from renowned marine artist and conservationist Wyland to create a series of hand-decorated, reusable bottles featuring his iconic artwork and containing the finest drinking water available. These premium glass bottles are imported from Italy and hand decorated in California, displaying works of popular art through a 22k gold-framed windowLearn More