BLUEdot Register Starts Certification Program for Carbon Neutral Products

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Maplewood, MN – BLUEdot Register has launched a Certified Carbon Neutral program to help businesses provide net-zero carbon impact products.  The BLUEdot Register Certified Carbon Neutral label is one of only a few worldwide. 

In modern economies, almost all products are the result of extensive and frequently world-wide supply chains.  Even the most environmentally conscious businesses are not able to control the carbon emissions of all aspects of their supply chain from farm or mine to store shelf.

 “We wanted to create the Certified Carbon Neutral program in order to give environmentally conscious businesses an avenue for determining, reducing and eliminating their carbon footprint,” says Co-Founder Colleen Redmond.   We believe accounting for a product’s life cycle carbon emissions is the only way to be truly sustainable.

The BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral label is granted only to products that have eliminated the carbon footprint of their entire supply chain.  The certification process has three primary components:

  • An analysis of a product’s full life cycle carbon footprint starting at raw material harvest.
  • Working with businesses to identify any areas for future carbon emission reduction.
  • Taking responsibility for the elimination of all production life-cycle emissions impacts, even those outside of a brand’s direct control, through use of BLUEdot Offsets. 

BLUEdot Offsets are micro-scale, third-party certified carbon offsets investing in alternative energy or carbon capture projects.  Projects supported by BLUEdot Offsets rely on offsets to provide gap financing.  The end result is a product whose purchase yields net-zero carbon emissions while supporting much needed carbon reduction projects that would not otherwise happen.

“Companies that engage in the BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral program are leading the way to inspire individuals to make conscious consumer's choices and know they can make a difference,” said Ted Redmond, Co-Founder.  “Their efforts go a long way to promote a higher awareness of climate change.  We are proud to serve business leaders of that caliber.”


About BLUEdot Register

BLUEdot Register, is a program of Pale Blue Dot LLC.  It is a platform for increasing public awareness of climate change and to help individuals and businesses understand, reduce and eliminate their carbon footprint.    Learn more at


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