Themis and Thread Becomes BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral

For Immediate Release

Hector, New York – Themis and Thread, a quality, hand-made apparel line defined by thoughtful, artistic, future focused fashion, announced they have been awarded the BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral certification.  Certification was reached as a result of comprehensively assessing and eliminating the carbon footprint of the entire clothing line’s supply chain and operations.  The BLUEdot certification assures a net zero carbon emission for every Themis and Thread clothing purchase from raw materials to delivery to the end customer.

Themis and Thread is dedicated to exclusive use of American made, natural and recycled components, assembled in New York State. Designer, Jesse Junko Beardslee, hand crafts all of the line’s fashions from concept to completion.  Beardslee approaches her fashion with a high level of ethics and creativity resulting in a unique product.  One Themis and Thread innovation is a maternity dress that comes complete with re-sizing following child birth in order to extend the garment’s life.

Themis and Thread is about dressing those who care as much about the planet & human impact as they do their style & health” says Beardslee.  “We refuse to subscribe to commonly accepted levels of toxicity built into our industrial, social and domestic infrastructure".

The BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral label is granted only to organizations or products that have eliminated the carbon footprint of their entire supply chain.  To achieve BLUEdot certifiation, a line must account and eliminate its entire greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the international certification standard.  The BLUEdot process has three primary components:

  • An analysis of a product’s full life-cycle carbon footprint starting at raw material harvest.
  • Working to identify any areas for future carbon emission reduction and management.
  • Taking responsibility for the elimination of all production life-cycle emissions impacts, even those outside of Water Gallery’s direct control, through use of BLUEdot Offsets. 

BLUEdot Offsets are micro-scale, third-party certified carbon offsets investing in alternative energy or carbon capture projects.  BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral partners, like Themis and Thread, provide needed gap financing which enable these greenhouse gas reduction projects to become a reality.  The end result is a product whose purchase yields net-zero carbon emissions while supporting much needed carbon reduction projects that would not otherwise happen.

Themis and Thread’s focus on high ethical standards and concentration on what is best for everyone rather than what is best for only Themis and Thread is uplifting” said BLUEdot Register Co-founder Ted Redmond.   “While working with Jesse it quickly became apparent how important it is to her to make the very best impact possible in all ways.  She is a perfect fit for the BLUEdot certification process and we’ve found her refreshing.”

Inspired by the awesomeness of nature and our community of compassionate consumers we are thrilled to be a member of BLUEdot Register's carbon neutrality program” said Beardslee.   “Themis and Thread's fashions being carbon neutral means that we are putting back what we have taken out.  We lovingly create our clothing, so it is critical to us that we work to clean up any residual environmental impact we may have unintentionally made.”


About Themis and Thread
Themis and Thread’s mission is to spread Happiness and encourage peaceful Revolution through thoughtful, artistic, well made, future focused fashion.  Themis and Thread is dedicated to exclusive use of American made, natural and recycled components, assembled in New York State. Through meaningful connections they are promoting justice for our environment and our future by carbon considerate, ethically created, guaranteed products.  
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About BLUEdot Register

BLUEdot Register, is a program of Pale Blue Dot LLC.  It is a platform for increasing public awareness of climate change and to help individuals and businesses understand, reduce and eliminate their carbon footprint. 
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