Women's Fashion Label brm Achieves Carbon Neutral Certification

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Durham, United Kingdom – brm, an eco conscious label prized for its high quality and timeless women's fashion, announced they have achieved BLUEdot Carbon Neutral certification.  Certification was reached as a result of comprehensively assessing and eliminating the carbon footprint of the entire clothing line’s supply chain and operations.  The BLUEdot certification assures a net zero carbon emission for every brm clothing purchase from raw materials to delivery to the end customer.

brm is an eco conscious label based in North East England. The line is inspired by vintage cuts and details as well as quirky street style.  They take these influences and turn them into modern, practical women's wear pieces in sustainable fabrics.  brm's environmental focus begins with the sourcing of fair-trade and sustainable fabrics and is rooted in a slow fashion, hand-made, per order philosophy.

"In the studio, we recycle as much as possible. All our paper and card waste is recycled" said brm founder and creative director, Jennifer Broom.  "Our slow fashion approach has helped us eliminate fabric waste.  Our philosophy is that quality design and a considered approach by the label results in considered buying and less clothing ending in landfill, which is a huge ecological problem worldwide".  Everything is used and bigger scraps are frequently made into one off pieces the label features on their Etsy store.


The BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral label is granted only to organizations or products that have eliminated the carbon footprint of their entire supply chain.  To achieve BLUEdot certifiation, a line must account and eliminate its entire greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the international certification standard.  The BLUEdot process has three primary components:

Click  to learn more about brm's sustainability work

Click to learn more about brm's sustainability work

  • An analysis of a product’s full life-cycle carbon footprint starting at raw material harvest.
  • Working to identify any areas for future carbon emission reduction and management.
  • Taking responsibility for the elimination of all production life-cycle emissions impacts, even those outside of Water Gallery’s direct control, through use of BLUEdot Offsets. 

BLUEdot Offsets are micro-scale, third-party certified carbon offsets investing in alternative energy or carbon capture projects.  BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral partners, like brm, provide needed gap financing which enable these greenhouse gas reduction projects to become a reality.  The end result is a product whose purchase yields net-zero carbon emissions while supporting much needed carbon reduction projects that would not otherwise happen.

brm is a high integrity label where hand made quality, and timeless fashion are seamless partners with Jennifer's environmental focus on elimination of waste" said BLUEdot Register Co-Founder Colleen Redmond.  "We are very excited to be working with brm to help them also eliminate their carbon footprint". 

Becoming BLUEdot Certified means a lot to to brm, not just as a company but also to me as an individual" said Broom.  "I believe in green issues and in protecting our environment. The BLUEdot Certification program pushes our company commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness further than we could ever hope to reach on our own.  I hope that other companies and consumers are inspired by the BLUEdot process and in brm’s commitment to the future of our planet.”


About brm

brm is an eco conscious label based in North East England. We are inspired by vintage cuts and details and quirky street style - we take these influences and turn them into modern, practical womenswear pieces in sustainable fabrics.

Learn more: http://www.brm-studio.co.uk/

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About BLUEdot Register

BLUEdot Register, is a program of Pale Blue Dot LLC.  It is a platform for increasing public awareness of climate change and to help individuals and businesses understand, reduce and eliminate their carbon footprint. 
Learn more at www.BLUEdotRegister.org

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