paleBLUEdot Selected by City of Albert Lea for Climate Adaptation Plan

paleBLUEdot was selected to develop a Climate Adaptation Plan for the City of Albert Lea, MN.  The City of Albert Lea looks to improve the community’s resilience and readiness for changing climate impacts.  The City is engaged in Resilience, Energy, and Climate planning and the formation of a detailed Climate Adaptation and Implementation Plan is the next step for robust climate work within the City.  This Climate Action Implementation Plan builds on the City’s recently completed Vulnerable Population Assessment and will provide an opportunity for the four City to collaborate on the identification of implementation strategies and resources with other Cities the paleBLUEdot team is currently engaged with.

This project will assess community vulnerabilities to a changing climate and expand on the Vulnerable Population Assessment with the inclusion of infrastructural risks.  The project plan includes community engagement to provide education and outreach on adapting to the changing climate and preparing for extreme weather with a particular focus on including vulnerable populations.  The project’s plan also includes community engagement and participation, particularly among vulnerable populations, in developing the climate adaptation strategies.  This effort will include a review of local policies/ordinances for opportunities to implement the prioritized strategies and an Implementation Plan identifying an action plan for integration.  Finally, the project's final report will serve as a template for use by other Cities in Dakota County in their Climate Adaptation work.

The paleBLUEdot effort will include:

1.      Climate Risk and Vulnerabilities Review

2.      Community Outreach and Engagement

3.      Climate Adaptation Strategy Development and Prioritization

4.      Climate Adaptation Plan Development

5.      Development of a Climate Adaptation Plan County Toolkit

The paleBLUEdot team is honored to continue our work with the City of Albert Lea in their on-going climate planning effort. 

The paleBLUEdot team provides a wide range of expert consultant services supporting community resilience, including Climate Action Planning, Sustainability Consulting, and Renewable Energy Planning.  Learn more about paleBLUEdot's Climate Action Planning here.