paleBLUEdot Selected for City of Burnsville Climate Action Planning

paleBLUEdot was selected by the City of Burnsville for the City’s first city-wide climate action planning effort.  The City of Burnsville is committed to long-term environmental sustainability, as evidenced by the City’s Step 5 designation achievement in the MPCA’s GreenStep Cities program.  The Climate Action Plan will be developed to establish long and short-term greenhouse gas reduction goals and strategies for the City.  When completed, the Climate Action Plan will be integrated into the City’s Sustainability Guide Plan document mapping out city-wide sustainability strategies to guide the City over the next 10 years.

The paleBLUEdot Climate Action Plan effort will include:

  1. Detailed review of City Greenhouse Gas Inventory and characteristics

  2. Development of greenhouse gas reduction strategies for emissions in the categories of: Buildings and Energy, Transportation, Land Use, Water and Waste Water, Municipal Solid Waste, and Local Food.

  3. Leading Climate Action Planning Public Engagement

  4. Development of the Climate Action Plan and Implementation Matrix

  5. Development of Communications Campaign for the first year of climate action implementation

The paleBLUEdot team is honored to continue our work with the City of Burnsville in their on-going sustainability effort. 

The paleBLUEdot team provides a wide range of expert consultant services supporting community resilience, including Climate Action Planning, Sustainability Consulting, and Renewable Energy Planning.  Learn more about paleBLUEdot's Climate Action Planning services here.