Carbon Footprint Comparison Case Study - SmartKlean Laundry Ball

SmartKlean is an innovative laundry concept.  Through the use of high-tech ceramics and magnets, the SmartKlean Laundry Ball cleans clothes without the use of detergents.  The result is a product that not only eliminates the environmental impact of laundry waste-water treatment but also helps its users conserve energy and water by eliminating an entire water use cycle in their washing machines. 

Through SmartKlean's own product development and use research the level of water and energy use savings available to Laundry Ball users was well established.  BLUEdot Register worked with SmartKlean to develop a detailed profile of the Laundry Ball's manufacture including the material harvest, manufacture, and operational energy expenditure of all components that make up their product - from cradle to grave.  This footprint was then compared against established life-cycle data for laundry detergents.  The resulting study not only provides SmartKlean with additional insights for continuing to improve their environmental profile, but also a very compelling understanding of the environmental advantages of using their product.

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Click to view the summary

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photo: m01229 via Flickr