Sustainability Programming

The Sustainability Programming effort is focused on establishing clear energy efficiency and sustainability goals appropriate for a business, organization, or construction project.  The Energy and Sustainability programming effort provides thoughtful that can help establish the basis for reducing long-term expenses while improving the sustainability profile of an organization.  This is a process of reviewing a range of sustainability and energy efficiency strategies and potentials available to the project and prioritizing those goals which are best suited to an organization or project’s specific functions, existing facilities, and site characteristics.   The Energy and Sustainability programming document can be used by an organization as a guide for future decisions and as a basis for energy efficiency/sustainability option identification, selection, and implementation.  A typical sustainability program will include:

  • Determine existing facility Energy Use Intensity (EUI)

  • Establish existing facility/site baseline energy efficiency and sustainability characteristics

  • Identify preliminary Site sustainability targets

  • Establish future facility EUI and building system performance targets.

  • Identify recommended Minnesota Sustainable Building Guideline targets to be included in project

  • Identify on-site renewable energy generation potential.