Every action has a reaction, and this paleBLUEdot is all our home.
— Jesse Beardslee

Themis and Thread's Mission:

Spreading Happiness and encouraging peaceful Revolution through thoughtful, artistic, well made, future focused fashion.  Dressing those who care as much about the planet & human impact as they do their style & health, we intended to enhance and empower your inherent awesomeness.

Themis and Thread is dedicated to exclusive use of American made, natural and recycled components, assembled in New York State. No one in this process should experience any unhappiness because of it, from farm to fabric, maker to marketplace.

We refuse to subscribe to commonly accepted levels of toxicity built into our industrial, social and domestic infrastructure


Themis and Thread is constantly searching for ways to make the smallest action create the biggest impact.  We believe every single one of us has the power to change our future for the better.  Inspired by the awesomeness of nature and our community of compassionate consumers we are thrilled to be a member of BLUEdot Register's carbon neutrality program.  

Themis and Thread's fashions being carbon neutral means that we are putting back what we have taken out.  By choosing Themis and Thread you can now be assured we're not only using the finest domestic components (including certified organic cotton) to lovingly and ethically create clothing, but we have retraced our steps to double check that we have cleaned up any residual environmental mess we may have unintentionally made.

Just like a good happy camper, we're packing it in, and packing it out.


Extended Commitment

We believe that there is no acceptable "cost of doing business" which:

  1. Degrades Nature through pollution, sequestration or industrialization, 
  2. Threatens Life through (wage) slavery, inferiority propaganda or animal cruelty, or 
  3. Diminishes American Opportunity through debt (poverty), miss-education or outsourcing. 

Dedication to revolutionary transparency, cooperation and good will- More than just a (Fashion Revolution) Day.

Promoting justice for our environment, humanity and our future by carbon considerate, ethically created, guaranteed products.  

Liberation from arresting concepts is achievable through enlightening and accepting style, rather than demeaning and exclusive fashions.  Sneaking in some magical love with every handmade product, Themis and Thread's styles aim to let you be the light.

Themis and Thread's Climate Work

Our work with BLUEdot Register has been able to eliminate our entire carbon footprint.  Every Themis and Thread clothing item bought is responsible for a carbon offset equal to the entire supply chain emissions - right down to the harvesting of the natural fibers from which each Themis creation is made.  You can learn more about what we've achieved by being Carbon Neutral, by clicking on the infographics and video below.

Click  to view the Themis and Thread Carbon Footprint Assessment

Click to view the Themis and Thread Carbon Footprint Assessment

Learn about the greenhouse gas reduction project Themis and Thread's customers are helping to make happen :

Learn more about the carbon footprint of fabrics

Learn more about the carbon footprint of fabrics

Click to learn

Click to learn