Reduce Your Footprint


Simply put, carbon offsets make up for those parts of our carbon footprint we can’t reduce or eliminate on our own.  Most of the things we benefit from already come with a carbon footprint, and that’s where carbon offsets come in.   Offsets work as a kind of trade - carbon in for carbon out.  With carbon offsets, you are supporting the development of projects that create clean energy and decrease future greenhouse gas emissions.

The BLUEdot Program


There is a consensus among 97% of climatologist that human activities are likely responsible for most of the observed increase in global mean temperature ("global warming") since the mid-20th century. Human-induced warming of the climate is expected to continue throughout the 21st century and beyond.  This phenomenon is reflected in the definition of our current geologic period as the Anthropocene epoch meaning a geological period in which the earth’s ecosystems are significantly impacted by a single species.


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