Project Data -Wisconsin Dairy Farms

Wild Rose Dairy in Webster Township, WI is home to 900 dairy cows, and an on-site anaerobic digester.  The digester creates methane-rich biogas from their waste, which is used to generate 750 kilowatts of electricity per hour—enough to power 600 local homes. 

Farm owners and operators utilizing anaerobic digestion to generate biogas from agricultural waste receive benefits that streamline their productivity. The process: Reduces the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases.

  • Provides high quality, reduced pathogen bedding.
  • Streamlines manure management.
  • Minimizes odor.

Wild Rose Dairy’s anaerobic digesters provide the Dairyland Power Cooperative (DPC) with a competitively priced renewable energy source in their service territory.  The biogas reduces the cooperative’s reliance on traditional fossil fuels while providing support to its distribution network

Wisconsin dairies are not required to reduce their carbon emissions. The motivation for this project was strictly voluntary.  The sale of carbon offsets generates an additional revenue which makes this projects profitable; in all three projects the sales of the carbon offsets keeps the project from operating at a loss.

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Project Location:

LaForge (Webster Township), WI

Project Type: 

Livestock Biogas Capture

Verification Protocol: 

Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) Agricultural Methane Protocol

Certification Standard:

Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)

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