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The ACTION Finder is intended as an Search Results explorational and inspirational tool to empower communities to create their own effective climate and sustainability actions

 What is The ACTION Finder?

The ACTION Finder tool is a robust database of municipal climate mitigation, climate adaptation, climate economy, and sustainability strategies and actions from across the United States. The nearly 3,000 strategies and actions included in the ACTION Finder come from cities large and small from nearly every region of the country. The ACTION Finder is designed as a collaborative tool to support stakeholder groups, taskforces, and committees in exploring a range of strategies and actions as they work to visualize what would be most effective and appropriate for their own community.

Why was the ACTION Finder created?

Through our climate action and sustainability planning work with communities, paleBLUEdot understands that it can be difficult for steering committees and stakeholder groups to know where to begin. Climate and sustainability action encompass such a broad range of considerations in our communities that the task of exploring what may even be possible can seem insurmountable. In our community work, we’ve discovered that simply being able to see what others have done before us can ignite a community’s own ideas and give clarity to how a community wishes to approach their own solutions.


How does the Action Finder work?

The Action Finder tool is maintained by paleBLUEdot and updated regularly with the strategies and actions developed by the communities we work with as well as others. The tool is an excel based database, organized by common climate mitigation and climate adaptation strategy categories. The Action Finder is specifically designed for collaborative and interactive use by city taskforce / stakeholder groups of 12 to 30 people. The tool, however, can also be easily used by individuals. The tool is constructed with robust and customizable search capabilities to make the large database as responsive to a user’s particular interests as possible.

The ACTION Finder tool is highly searchable to help reviewers explore potential strategies and actions related to topics and interests relevant to their community. Each category section (spreadsheet tab) of the ACTION Finder has three types of search functions: 1 Key Word search, 2 City Characteristics, and 3 Reviewer input.

ACTION Finder Tool Manual

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