The U.S. solar energy market is booming and demand for solar is at an all-time high. As more individuals decide to go solar, a new national solar training course is helping designers grab their market share of this new technology and add solar expertise to their list of qualifications. Design professionals play a crucial role in the decision since they are in the unique position of educating building owners, appraisers and code officials as part of every project.

Ted Redmond, Co-Founder of paleBLUEdot, is a national solar pv technology trainer for the US Department of Energy, in conjunction with the Building Codes Assistance Project. Ted provides solar training to architects and engineers nationally. The training is specially designed to educate architects and engineers on how to incorporate solar photovoltaics (PV) into their design plans, how to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by offering solar PV to the clients, how to speak with clients about the benefits of solar PV, and where to find information on the financial incentives available for solar PV. The training includes:

  • Solar PV Overview

  • Solar PV Technology Review

  • Architectural Integration Strategies

  • State of The Solar PV Market

  • Utility Interconnection

  • Codes, Life, and Safety

  • Financing Options

  • Cost Parameters

  • Tools and Resources for Designers

  • Emerging Solar Technologies

Interested in receiving or coordinating solar technology training?