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Our mission is to hasten the transition to an authentically sustainable, no carbon economy and to elevate the public discourse.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Gandhi


paleBLUEdot is a leading provider of thoughtful and comprehensive carbon, climate change, sustainability, and renewable energy planning and services. Our primary services are:

BLUEdot Register

Carbon Offsetting and Carbon Neutral Certification

BLUEdot Register is a carbon neutral certification program. We provide carbon accounting, verification, and carbon offset procurement for individuals and organizations.

Climate Planning

Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Planning

paleBLUEdot provides Climate Planning and consulting services to help you identify vulnerabilities and engage strategies for adaptation and mitigation.


Sustainability Consulting and Planning

paleBLUEdot’s Sustainability Consulting and planning services support communities and organizations looking to understand and improve their environmental footprint.

Clean Energy

Renewable Energy Planning

paleBLUEdot’s Renewable Energy Planning enables communities, campuses, and businesses to identify and develop their clean energy potential.

We have completed more than:


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