Carbon Footprint Comparison Case Study

Urban Clotheslines Line Dryer

There can be little doubt that drying your clothes naturally by using a clothesline is more environmentally friendly than using a mechanical dryer.  But how much better is it?

This study explores the complete life-cycle carbon footprint of the Stewi First Lady rotary line dryer by Urban Clotheslines against both an all electric clothes dryer as well as a gas+electric clothes dryer.  As a full lifecycle study, emissions which can be attributed to everything from mineral mining, equipment manufacture, transportation/distribution, and the use phases are included. 

Though you will not be surprised that the Urban Clotheslines options offer a carbon footprint reduction, you may be surprised at exactly how much greenhouse gas emission using a clothesline can save.

Click  to view the summary

Click to view the summary

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photo: MacJerk2011 via Flickr