Wasting less energy is the better thing to do.
— Harry Verhaar
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ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, a tool developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency, helps you measure and track the energy and water use, waste and materials, and greenhouse gas emissions of your buildings, all in a secure online environment.  You can use the results to identify under-performing buildings, set investment priorities, verify efficiency improvements, and receive EPA recognition for superior energy performance.

By entering details about your property and consumption data, you can:

  • Assess whole building energy performance.

  • Track changes in energy, water, waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and cost over time.

  • Track green power purchases.

  • Create custom reports.

  • Share data with others

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

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Benefits of Benchmarking

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The Impact of Energy Benchmarking.

A number of market studies have shown that buildings with above average energy performance have higher occupancy rates, command higher rents and sell at a premium when compared to similar buildings. Results from cities with energy transparency ordinances indicate that properties commonly start seeing energy use and cost savings of 4-10% after the first one to two years that they have benchmarked.