paleBLUEdot Sponsors Second Twin Cities Solar Group Buy Campaign

We are excited to announce the launch of the second solar group buy program in the Twin Cities! paleBLUEdot is collaborating with Midwest Renewable Energy Association to promote an innovated group-buy solar campaign which will enable home and business owners to buy solar are low prices. We encourage you all to become a part of Minnesota's clean energy revolution!


What is Solar Group Buy?

A solar group buy is when community members form a group and use their collective buying power to save on the total cost of going solar. The Solar Twin Cities program can help Twin City metro residents and business owners invest in lower cost solar installations through the power of volume purchasing.

How Do Solar Group Buys Work?

Reduced Price: Through the Solar Twin City program, homeowners and businesses come together to purchase and install solar as a community, which saves significant costs as a result of the bulk purchasing of equipment. The more residents that participate, the lower the cost will be for everyone.

Education: Through free community information sessions called ‘power hours,’ the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, educates homeowners and businesses about how solar works, what their return on investment will be, and what financing options are available.

Selected Solar Installer: paleBLUEdot participated as a part of an Advisory Team to select the installer for Solar Twin Cities.  The team will be selecting the solar installer through a competitive bid process that ensured quality work at a competitive cost. The chosen installer will provide free solar site assessments to interested home and business owners and will be available to answer questions at Power Hours which will be scheduled throughout the Twin Cities (see for details)

Financing Solutions: paleBLUEdot and the MREA will also educate customers on incentives and financing solutions such as the 30% Federal Tax Credit.

paleBLUEdot's Solar Services

paleBLUEdot offers a range of community solar project feasibility and pre-development services.  Our services are offered through a consortium of clean energy design, finance, marketing, and community engagement consultants supporting the advancement of solar projects - from individual sites to community solar projects, to community-wide solar potential studies.  Learn more.

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