Syreeta Rios Talks About Becoming BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral

We need more people taking ownership. If you can do better, you should do better.
— Small Eyez, DigitalGOODtimes

Syreeta Rios, owner of Lipstick Killer Collection was featured on DigitalGOODTimes to discuss the origins of Lipstick Killers Collection, her philosophy on being successful, and the importance of all businesses large and small taking responsibility for their impacts on the world.  Syreeta’s energy and sincerity clearly comes through in this interview. 

The story of Lipstick Killers Collection is one of commitment – commitment to a personal dream as well as a commitment to contributing to a better community and a better world.  Syreeta’s genuine commitment to being better lead her to wanting to learn more about her environmental impact and to understand her Greenhouse Gas emissions and to reach out to BLUEdot Register to execute a Carbon Footprint Assessment of Lipstick Killers Collection.

The process of determining and understanding Lipstick Killer Collection’s carbon footprint inspired Syreeta to begin searching for ways to make reductions and her desire for genuine responsibility drove her to offset what she could not yet eliminate and become fully BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral.

“This is how you become sustainable and take responsibility for what you are doing” declares Syreeta.  “Carbon in – carbon out”.  She shared her vision of how we can work together to create a better world.  “If every major company took responsibility for what they do – we would basically not have an issue with pollution.  This is me taking responsibility for what I am doing, and I’m only on the small scale.  If other companies just stepped their game up, we could have everything.  It’s completely affordable.”

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To learn more about Lipstick Killers Collection's carbon footprint reduction commitment and climate work visit their Certified Carbon Neutral webpage here.  View Syreeta's collection here.