Minnesota Couple Launch a Venture to Fight Climate Change

For Immediate Release

Maplewood, MN - Colleen and Ted Redmond have recently launched BLUEdot Register, a program committed to building climate change awareness and helping individuals eliminate their carbon footprint.  Following their vision of a better world, the Redmonds are looking to create meaningful ways for individuals to learn and take action while living in an economy that is dominated by dependency on fossil fuels.   

“We started our venture because of a need to buy a new lawn mower,” said Ted Redmond.  “We enjoy having our little yard but hated the fact that because of our fossil fuel dependent economy, we had zero carbon neutral choices.  Just manufacturing and assembling even a hand powered reel type mower has a pretty significant carbon footprint.” 

Colleen Redmond pointed out, “Although as a society we are capable of supporting our energy needs with renewable sources like solar and wind, we are still entrenched in the use of fossil fuels.  As individuals, we have no real carbon neutral choices until industries, businesses, and energy companies all focus on fossil free supply chains.” 

Based on a recent poll by Reuters showing 77% of Americans see fighting climate change as a moral obligation, the Redmonds are not alone. 


As a result, they created an option for individuals to make carbon neutral choices independent of manufacturers.  BLUEdot Register, a program of Pale Blue Dot LLC, offers individuals the opportunity to eliminate all or part of the carbon footprint of the goods and services they use through BLUEdot carbon offsets.  The offsets are micro-scale, third-party certified carbon offsets investing in alternative energy or carbon capture projects that would not otherwise exist.  These are the same types of offsets used under international cap-and-trade emissions compliance markets now made available at smaller quantities for individual consumers.

The BLUEdot Register concept also includes a discount membership program.  Those who offset a certain amount of their carbon footprint are enrolled in the program which includes discounts at 230,000 retail locations nationally.  “It is our way of encouraging people to make change personal while trying to offset that cost to those willing to do so,” said Ted.

On their website, BLUEdot Register has two Carbon Footprint calculators – one calculates the footrint of your lifestyle, and the other allows users to understand the operational (gas use) and embodied carbon footprint of their car.  Both calculators are free to use.  “We hope people take advantage of calculating their carbon footprint even if they are not interested in offsetting it,” says Ted.  “As they say – that which is measured gets improved.”



Lifestyle Carbon Footprint Calculator: http://www.bluedotregister.org/carbon-footprint-calculator-buy-carbon-offsets/lifestyle#/lifestyle

Automotive Carbon Footprint Calculator: http://www.bluedotregister.org/car-carbon-footprint-calculator-buy-carbon-offsets/#/individual

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